Big Data Whitepaper

[Whitepaper] How 5 Industries Leverage Big Data

The flood of Big Data that is added to the Deep Web each and every day can be harnessed and leveraged for any industry with the proper tools. You can track what is being said, when it is being said, where it is being said and who is saying it in a searchable database.

In our free white paper we examine what Big Data is and showcase case studies of five industry leaders effectively using Big Data. These industry leaders, whether they be a Fortune 100 company or a political candidate, have used BrightPlanet’s solutions to harness Big Data. Learn how you can harness Big Data in these industries:

  • Business – Brand Protection and Anti-Couterfeiting
  • Finance – Monitoring News with a Potential Impact on Trading
  • Healthcare – Force Multiplier for Translational Research
  • Politics – Brand Management and Competitive Intelligence
  • Law Enforcement – Monitoring Social Media During Large Public Events

Big Data Whitepaper

Additionally, the white paper also covers:

  • What Big Data is
  • Why Big Data is usable and valuable
  • How BrightPlanet can help make sense of Big Data

Download our free white paper to see how other industries already leveraged Big Data from the Deep Web to provide solutions to solve problems and grow.



Photo: kevin dooley