Most popular tweets at SMILEcon

SMILEcon Round-up – Monitoring Social Media for Intelligence

The Social Media Internet Law Enforcement Conference (SMILEcon) provided an opportunity to share the best practices for using social media for investigations. Not only did we learn and meet new business partners, but we had a chance to use our Social Media Monitor tool to see what attendees at the conference were talking about and who was doing the talking.

Most popular tweets at SMILEcon

The Stats

As of Wednesday at noon EST, we harvested all the conversation around the #SMILEcon hashtag. There were 2200 messages in just under three days with Marco and Dion leading the way in number of messages sent. As you can see from our word cloud from our monitoring tool, @lawscomm, @TPS, StuartHyde and of course social media were hot topics at the conference.

In addition to the quantity, we also found 342 unique individuals sending tweets about the conference, both attendees, and virtual attendees. Even though Zeek_N only sent one tweet, we still appreciated the contribution.

Our monitoring tool took the analysis a step further and resolved the URLS of shortened domains so we knew where all the links were pointing. Facebook led the way, followed by foursquare, and YouTube based on the 103 URLS extracted from the 2200 tweets.

Find your own data

As we learned at SMILEcon, there is tremendous potential from social media and we want to help you understand how to use that data. Our recent whitepaper entitled “What is Big Data” is a great place to start. If you’re ready for a demonstration of our social media monitoring tool to learn how your department can use the tool, contact us for a free demonstration.



Thanks for joining us at SMILEcon and see you next year!