Ohio Unhappy with the Debate

During the three hours of the debate, we monitored the most popular words. Wow, not for virgin eyes. Apparently, there was some bubbling anger as seen in the debate’s word cloud for Twitter users in Ohio mentioning Romney or Obama:

Specifically in Ohio there were:

  • 20,470 Tweets
  • 13354 of the tweets mentioned Obama
  • 12772 of the tweets mentioned Romney
  • 2951 mentioned debate
  • 2304 mentioned president
  • 2269 mentioned fucked

Positive in Iowa

Iowa on the other hand took a more positive view of the debate, using the word Like much more than the colorful language in Iowa. Take a look at the debate results here:

Specifically in Iowa there were:

  • 11,456 total tweets
  • 7,835 mentioned Obama
  • 7765 mentioned Romney
  • 1735 mentioned Debate
  • 1188 mentioned Mitt

Iowa for Obama, Draw for Ohio?

A quick look at the data would show a slight edge for Obama in Iowa and a draw in Ohio. Compared to the pre-debate conversation however, Romney closed the conversation gap, gaining more visibility and mentions, almost drawing even with Obama.

More data will be gathered over the next 24 hours to have a look at who wins after one day of Twitter debate.