Meet Mo! – Halfway Through the Law Enforcement Tweet-a-Thon #Poltwt

We are over halfway through the 24-hour Law Enforcement Tweet-a-Thon. Law enforcement agencies from across the world are tweeting police activity to create awareness about police work and the issues police face through the #poltwt hashtag.

#Poltwt is one of the top trending hastags on all of Twitter! So far there have been over 35,000 tweets from over 9,500 users.

Here at BrightPlanet we are using our Deep Web harvesting capabilities to monitor and track the event. You’ll find the most vocal participants, what devices they are using, and the most popular twit pics to name just a few of the stats we’ve compiled in our post. We’ll be pulling together a recap of all the stats next week so check back here to see a full recap and some analysis of the event.

Most Vocal

Halfway through the tweet-a-thon, the most vocal awards go to:

  1. @NYorksPolice – 334 tweets
  2. @mapwinn0605 – 250 tweets
  3. @lawscomm – 199 tweets
  4. @GMPBlackley – 184 tweets
  5. @HaltonPolice – 142 tweets

Most Popular

Even if they aren’t all the top tweeters, these are the most mentioned handles so far:

  1. @gmpolice
  2. @lawscomm
  3. @ManukauPolice
  4. @BetterWorkStory
  5. @CalgaryPolice
  6. @NYorksPolice

Meet Mo! – Top TwitPics

BF9tCrjCIAE2ktk.jpg-largeMo, an adorable police pup, tops the list of most popular twit pics. Who doesn’t love that face?!

  1. Meet Mo –
  2. Fashion Police Meme –
  3. #Polltwt Location Trending –

Most Retweeted Tweets

The most retweeted tweets so far mention everything from theft to a missing child:

  1. RT @pompeyccupolice: “Behave or they’ll take u away” DON’T say that to ur kids when u c us! If they’re lost they’ll b too scared to approach us! #THINK #poltwt
  2. RT @GMPNewtonHeath: Male detained in shop in Newton Heath stealing tea bags. Gave his name as Earl Grey #poltwt
  3. RT @SAPoliceNews: Help find 8yo William? Missing in Nairne. Wearing maroon shirt and blue jeans. Please call 131 444 #missing #poltwt ht …
  4. RT @gmpolice: Greenhouse found in the middle of road in Middleton Road, Crumpsall – poss blown there – going to be dismantled #poltwt
  5. RT @FBIPressOffice: Follow #poltwt and see a “day-in-the-life” of the officers serving your community during tomorrow’s inaugural global …
  6. RT @NWmwaypolice: #poltwt – for info, Runcorn/Widnes bridge has been closed due to falling ice, expect dealys in and around the area

Top Devices

The iPhone continues to top the list of most-used devices other than computers:

  1. iPhone – 6,181 tweets
  2. Android – 2,587 tweets
  3. iPad – 1,465 tweets
  4. BlackBerry – 1,428 tweets
  5. Windows Phone – 122 tweets

#PolTwt Across the Globe

17 different languages have been used in #poltwt tweets with English topping the list:

  1. English
  2. Dutch
  3. Spanish
  4. Swedish
  5. German
  6. Finnish

TweetAThondMost Popular Words

  1. Police
  2. Global
  3. Tweet-a-Thon
  4. Today
  5. Follow