[Infographic] How Police Departments Use Twitter

Police departments around the world use Twitter as a means of sharing information with their communities. BrightPlanet recently completed a study to uncover exactly how police departments are using Twitter.

Using BrightPlanet’s harvesting technology, we identified a total of 772 Twitter handles run by state and local law enforcement departments. Throughout the study, BrightPlanet harvested over 115,000 different tweets from the 772 department Twitter handles.  We analyzed both the raw text of all the harvested tweets and the data from the profiles of each department handle we identified.

For the purpose of our study, we focused on identifying Twitter handles from police departments that had their description information in English. We’ve created an infographic to help you see the data.

Scroll down to uncover the most popular topics, the most active Twitter accounts, and other characteristics that show exactly how police departments utilize Twitter.