[ISS World Webinar] Best Practices for Scanning the Twitter Firehose

We are participating in a webinar sponsored by TeleStrategies’ ISS World for law enforcement professionals on Wednesday, July 31, at 1 p.m. Eastern on Best Practices for Scanning the Twitter Firehose.

What will be covered

Webinar ImageMonitoring Twitter is crucial for today’s law enforcement and government intelligence professionals.  However, users of Twitter’s streaming utility and most commercial applications on the market are only getting a fraction of the actual tweets that are being posted.

Learn how public safety officials can now access the full Twitter Firehose to monitor and track 100% of the users and keywords they target that are publicly-available – and all within geo-fenced locations against users and keywords they wish to track.

Discover what tools provide that access and how they have been used by the Nassau County Police in Long Island from Detective Thomas Calvert in this webinar.

Register here.

If you are interested in additional information on the Twitter Firehose, check out our recent post on the crucial difference between the Twitter APIs and the Twitter Firehose.



Photo: Fernando Amaro Caamano