Big Data Trends for 2014 Articles – “Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) will become a big deal”

It is the time of year where prediction and trends posts for the year in progress are popular. As a company focused on providing data to end-users, we are especially excited for what is to come for Big Data in 2014.

We are working on our Big Data predictions for 2014 as we speak but wanted to share a few of our favorite posts on the topic from the year so far.

Check them out and keep your eye out for our Big Data trends and predictions in the coming weeks.

The Guardian article lists these 4 Big Data predictions:

  1. “In 2014, people will finally start to understand the term big data. Because as it stands, many do not.”
  2. “Consumers will begin to (voluntarily) give up certain elements of privacy for personalisation.”
  3. “Big data-as-a-service (DaaS) will become a big deal.”
  4. “And finally…remembers how Hadoop is an open-source software? Expect a lot more of that.”

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Photo: KamiPhuc