Webinar Recap: How to Harvest, Structure, and Visualize Big Data on the Web

Wednesday, September 10, we held a webinar titled “How to Harvest, Structure, and Visualize Big Data on the Web”. Jamie Martin, a Data Acquisition Engineer for BrightPlanet, and Greg Roberts, CEO and expert linguist at Rosoka Software Solutions, teamed up to take subscribers through the full process of taking data from the Web to final analysis.  We recorded the webinar and also have a brief recap for you in this post.

The webinar followed data all the way from the Web, through harvesting, structuring, and analytics.



Harvesting and the Deep Web

Jamie began the webinar by giving a brief introduction of the Deep Web and harvesting which you can read more about in the past posts listed below:

Structuring Data with Rosoka

After Jamie covered the Deep Web and harvesting, Greg explained how unstructured data from the Web is structured using Rosoka Software. During his portion, Greg covered key functionalities of the software that include Rosoka’s ability to analyze data in multiple languages at extreme efficiency and scale.Dashboard

Visualizing Data

The last section of the webinar consisted of visualizing and analyzing harvested and structured data for two industries:

  1. Risk Management
  2. Insurance Underwriting

Examples of the visuals are shown to the right.

To watch the full webinar click here.

Request Access to Visuals

Want to see and dig into the visuals created by Jamie for the webinar from data from the Big Industry Threat Silo? Request access below.



Photo: Fernando Amaro Caamano