BrightPlanet Takes Part in Cyber Wizard Interview on OSINT Intelligence

Will Bushee, Vice President of Development, recently sat down with Stephen E. Arnold from Xenky to do an interview as part of Stephen’s research for the OSINT Automation Training Seminar which Stephen jointly hosted in Washington, D.C. earlier this year. Stephen has been instrumental in writing and speaking about the state of search and content processing for years.

During the interview, Will spoke with Stephen on a wide range of topics including BrightPlanet’s technology, cyber OSINT (open source intelligence), marketing, target industries and the future of cyber OSINT. The interview was released today on Xenky’s Cyber Wizards Speaks series.

In February, BrightPlanet presented at the premier OSINT Automation Product Training Seminar in Washington, D.C. This one-day event, presented by ISS World and featuring a presentation by our own Tyson Johnson, covered everything one needs to know about OSINT.

Open source information (Internet, social media, academic, geospatial, and public data) contains many cyber attack planning signals from ill-intentioned actors. Using automated OSINT collection, governmental entities and corporations can divert cyber attacks like those that were directed at J.P. Morgan and the White House this past October. Manual methods are inadequate due to the volume of information to be analyzed and the rapid speed with which threats arise.

The 12 presentations scheduled for the seminar focused on how to use next-generation systems, best practices, and case examples. Read the key takeaways from Tyson’s presentation at the seminar here: http://www.brightplanet.com/2015/03/tyson-johnson-presents-iss-world-osint-automation-training-seminar/.

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Photo: Jared Tarbell