Using OSINT for Event Identification in Your Risk Management Framework

The general population doesn’t think about risk management until a breach happens.

When it gets to that point, it’s never a good thing. That’s why risk management is so important for businesses — no matter the industry.

Open source intelligence (OSINT) works to strengthen your risk management efforts, specifically in the case of event identification.

COSO Risk Management

COSO FrameworkThe Committee of Sponsoring Organizations (COSO) is a resource for enterprise risk management, and many businesses use the COSO cube as a guide to set up their risk management strategy.

Starting from the top, the internal environment is your business and the objective is protecting your data, your customer’s data and intellectual property. Event identification is one method of reaching that objective.

In other words, event identification is how we pinpoint a breach or loss of valuable data or the improper use of your brand, which are vital parts of your risk management procedure.

Whether information ended up in the wrong hands internally or — worst-case scenario — data gets stolen in a hack, you need to respond. With literally millions of webpages to keep track of, this can seem impossible for many companies, but that’s where BrightPlanet steps in.

Event Identification

First, we start with prevention.

BrightPlanet’s data harvesting software allows us to run tests on your existing identification procedures to find any potential weak areas.

Maybe your company needs further layers of protection or authentication for certain databases. Or maybe there’s a weak link in your firewall. We can alert you to these issues before a problem strikes.

Next, we create a plan for your risk response.

We can set up searches to look for sensitive information anywhere in the open sources, Deep Web and Surface Web. Any instance of leaked information will trigger that event identification, triggering your risk response plan.

Brand Protection

Every business needs to think about brand protection. When you monitor for theft and counterfeiting, you’re protecting the value of your company’s assets.

The misuse of your brand or selling of your intellectual property illegally online devalues your company’s assets. By utilizing event identification, BrightPlanet works with companies to monitor for mentions of certain brands, products, etc. that are property of the company and may be sold illegally online.

A company’s event identification team can’t dig through every page on the internet, looking for mentions of the intellectual property.

But if BrightPlanet puts a risk response program in place for the company, we can use our data harvesting tools for event identification. This lets us alert the risk management team, so they can take appropriate actions.

Those actions are what protects the company from losing the value in its assets.

Simplify Your Process

The bigger the internet gets, the more things become digitized. Almost every industry is integrated with the Web in some way, which opens the door to data breaches and counterfeiting.

OSINT is necessary to manage the amount of digitized information and keep your risk management running smoothly. It’s how you can monitor more data efficiently and keep your customers and intellectual property safe.

BrightPlanet uses OSINT to add strength to your risk management strategy. If you want to put your business ahead of the curve and simplify your process, check out our full range of OSINT solutions.

If you have questions about how this can fit into your risk management, contact us and our team of experts will help you understand the power of our digital harvesting tools. In the meantime, download our risk management white paper to dig deeper into OSINT solutions and find out how they could work for you.

Download the OSINT for Risk Management White Paper