Understanding Public Opinion Data

[WHITE PAPER] Understanding Public Opinion Online

The Internet is infinite and complex.

Millions of social media posts are shared every minute, thousands of websites generate new content every day, and news sites produce new articles to contribute to the complicated space that makes up the world’s largest publicly available database.

It becomes a lot to collect that data and proves even more difficult to understand and make sense of it.

Our latest white paper, Infinite Possibilities: Understanding Public Opinion Online, explains how you can expand your use of online information by analyzing and visualizing harvested data.

Harvesting Public Opinion Data

Understanding Public Opinion Data

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How do you dig through an endless amount of data to find the pieces that are actually relevant?

That’s where BrightPlanet comes in.

We help companies take advantage of data collected from the Internet through data harvesting and analysis.

To help better explain how data harvesting, analysis, and visualization contributes to helping your business, we put together a white paper with a use case that we hope everyone can understand: public opinion data from the 2016 presidential election.

In this white paper, you’ll learn about:

  • The Inner Workings of the Internet
  • How We Harvest and Enrich Public Opinion Data
  • How Rosoka Helps Us Decode Data for Relevance and Sentiment
  • How to Analyze and Visualize Public Opinion Data
  • What This Means for Your Business

Download our white paper and learn how this technology can improve your business and show you important parts of the Web that you’ve been missing.

Download the Understanding Public Opinion Online White Paper