ACFE Fraud Conference Canada Recap: OSINT to Strengthen Risk Management

We promoted Tyson’s presentation at last week’s ACFE Fraud Conference in Montreal on our blog and now, we gathered some of his thoughts coming out of the event.

From Tyson:

The ACFE (Association of Certified Fraud Examiners) did an amazing job hosting and the venue was spectacular. If you have never been to Montreal, you need to visit! 

My presentation on how to develop an open source intelligence (OSINT) program was well attended and I received many great questions from participants. Compared to previous years, I detected a level of maturity in knowledge when it comes to using new data sources in combatting fraud. I am seeing a very positive shift in risk management techniques that is going to have major payoffs in the years to come.

More and more companies are discovering that online data contains great insights into fraud against their brands, products and customers.  Knowing how to leverage this information is paramount to risk management. We have a free white paper for download on strengthening your risk management framework with OSINT.

I look forward to continuing to engage our community to discuss and provide insight on how web data can be utilized to further strengthen fraud protection.

OSINT for Risk Management

If you were not able to attend and/or want to learn more about what was presented and how to develop an OSINT program for your risk management challenges, sign up for a consultation today.