BrightPlanet: The Vision for 2017

Some are always searching for truth. Truth-seeking is what helps ignite the thought-provoking flame that guides us in the intelligence community. When paired with sharp, analytical minds and a drive to maximize possibility, a truth-seeker becomes someone who is absolutely invaluable to Deep Web searches and Data-as-a-Service.


Presenting Data-as-a-Service

What exactly does it mean to be the industry-leading provider in Data-as-a-Service? It means that BrightPlanet is the most experienced provider of open Dark Web and Deep Web searches and data available.

When describing BrightPlanet, we talk about our capability to be the premium data workforce for analytics engines and platforms; BrightPlanet provides the premium fuel (data) for their car (platform).

From a technological standpoint, we are confident in our industry-leading technology. BrightPlanet currently has seven patents on our technology, allowing us to do many things that other companies simply cannot do, at scale, but customized to the client’s specific needs.

Many other companies are reliant on scraping the internet or social media for their data. BrightPlanet has those capabilities but we aren’t reliant on them to do everything the client needs done.

Vision for Deep Web Searches Moving Forward

BrightPlanet’s vision in 2017 is to focus attention on growing and expanding our Data-as-a-Service and Deep Web search capabilities. In order to do this, we believe we need to focus on verticals that Data-as-a-Service has the most potential in.

All indications tell us that the three verticals that have the most potential for growth in Data-as-a-Service are reputation management, financial services, and market analysis.

By understanding these areas and the entirety of their operation, we envision BrightPlanet’s Data-as-a-Service becoming an invaluable asset to companies that fit within these verticals. We also believe there is tremendous potential in working with what we call horizontal customers. These are the customers that already provide services to customers in those target verticals. BrightPlanet can be the premium data fuel for partners such as analytics engines and dashboard providers.

In addition, we see value in adapting our web harvests with artificial intelligence (AI) or machine learning engines, in order to perfect our automating and scaling processes. BrightPlanet’s extensive experience in the data industry and wealth of partnerships make bringing value-added technology like AI to our industry-leading Data-as-a-Service very easy .

Personalizing Data-as-a-Service

One of the major benefits of working with BrightPlanet is our small size. We are able to work personally with our clients and present them with solutions in real-time. We believes that one fundamental component of our value proposition to our clients is our ability to educate and inform and to build our customized solutions that the big providers aren’t as well positioned to deliver.

At BrightPlanet, we listen and offer our clients perspective about what might work. Our size and experience allow us to work closely with every client, directing them to the resources they need. If we can’t assist your Big Data needs, we are happy to refer you to a partner company that can.

If you want to find out more about BrightPlanet and our team, feel free to schedule a free consultation with one of our Data Acquisition Engineers.