Webinar Recap: Harvest Open Source Data Easily with Our REST API

Open source data. It’s full of potential, but comes with some major challenges. The biggest challenge for many data collection companies while working with open source intelligence tools is loading all of their unstructured data content into their product or service.

This is where BrightPlanet’s REST API comes in. This tool is a quick and easy way for anyone to take BrightPlanet’s harvested data that is relevant to them, and load it into their product or service.

To effectively take advantage of the full potential of open source data in your Deep Web and Dark Web search process, watch our latest webinar, held on August 23rd: Search, Ingest, and Analyze Open Source Data with BrightPlanet’s REST API.

In this webinar, BrightPlanet’s Vice President of Development, Will Bushee, along with Corey Hermanson present on BrightPlanet’s REST API and its ability to leverage open source data by searching, ingesting, and analyzing harvested content.

Get the Most Out of Open Source Data with the Global News Data Feed

While BrightPlanet offers unique and custom data feeds for each client, we also provide our helpful Global News Data Feed, available to all customers who are interested in harvesting open source data through our REST API.

The Global News Data Feed includes roughly 9,000 news-related websites from around the world and produces between 100,000-120,000 new and unique documents each week.

When BrightPlanet harvests this data, we tag 50 different entities including specific company names, people, locations, or dates. In the webinar, Corey Hermanson walks through an example of how you can use this data feed to obtain the information relevant to you and your business.

Download Our REST API Webinar to Harvest Your Open Source Data

Open source data is full of potential. When you access BrightPlanet’s REST API, you’ll find the possibilities for organizing your unstructured content are endless!

Want to learn more about using BrightPlanet’s REST API to help you harvest the relevant data your business needs? Watch the full webinar recording to get an in-depth look at BrightPlanet’s REST API and to see a live example of how to download and operate our REST API.

Explore the open source data harvesting opportunities. Download the webinar today.

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