Learn About OSINT and Security Risk Management at ASIS 2017

At BrightPlanet, we love sharing our knowledge with others about open source intelligence (OSINT), security risk management, data harvesting, and other topics related to the Deep Web and Dark Web.

Are you in the security risk management business? Hear from Tyson Johnson, BrightPlanet’s Vice President of Business Development, as he shares his knowledge regarding security risk management in Dallas, Texas at ASIS 2017, being held this year September 25-28, 2017.

His presentation titled, “Enterprise Security Risk Management Requires a New Conversation Among the Executive Team” will take place on Tuesday, September 26 from 3:15 PM – 4:15 PM.  


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A New Conversation About Security Risk Management

Too often, businesses are comfortable with traditional risk management models. However, the world of open source data has become the largest accessible database for all to use. If you are not leveraging open sources effectively, your security risk management is not reaching its potential.

On Tuesday, September 26, Tyson will speak at session number 5313 at ASIS 2017 about his experience with OSINT security risk management. Tyson will stress the importance of becoming literate in new aspects of OSINT such as consumer Internet, industrial Internet, data integration, data management, cyber threat management, and cyber insurance.

Becoming literate not only in the language of security, but also in the language of technology and new external threats is crucial for maintaining a successful security risk management strategy.


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Unstructured Data Mining Made Easier with Successful OSINT

Understanding emerging threats specific to global data management will allow you to improve your OSINT security risk management strategy. With this improved security and safety, your unstructured data mining process will be more accurate and efficient.

Attend session number 5313 at ASIS 2017 and leave prepared to have the right conversations with the right organizational stakeholders to secure the future of the enterprise security risk management mandate.