Webinar Recap: Harvest Data While Understanding Complex Trends and Influencers with AMPLYFI

Open source data is full of potential. However, when data collection companies encounter extremely large amounts of data, it becomes challenging making sense of that data and understanding the true trends and influencers behind it.

If businesses don’t have a way to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create outcomes, the data doesn’t do you any good. Thankfully, AMPLYFI works with BrightPlanet to disrupt established Business Intelligence and Professional Service channels by harnessing leading AI to harvest and interpret the wealth of untapped open source content within the Internet.

In this webinar held on October 4, 2017, BrightPlanet’s Vice President of Development, Will Bushee, along with Mark Woods, CTO of AMPLYFI, discuss how to leverage open source data effectively with AMPLYFI’s DataVoyant™ service to fundamentally change your relationship with data and the Internet.

Building Insight with Harvested Open Source Data

BrightPlanet’s project with AMPLYFI began by using open source intelligence tools (OSINT) to harvest six completely different vectors of data. These vectors contained thousands of websites in both the Surface Web and Deep Web. Each of the documents harvested went through a process of extracting meta data such as the publication date, company names, product information, and more geo content.

This process of integrating harvested data from BrightPlanet’s publication into the AMPLYFI solution operates through our REST API process. Once the data is uploaded into AMPLYFI’s solution, it leverages AI tools to build intelligence, freeing up time for analysts to look at data insights instead of wasting time sifting through the extremely large amount of data.

Leverage Open Source Data with AMPLYFI’s DataVoyant™

AMPLYFI was formed to harness the power of AI, specifically machine learning, to enhance business intelligence and to look at strategic planning and risk and opportunity management. AMPLYFI works with AI tools to make data insight processes meaningful and efficient.

One of the major AI solutions that AMPLYFI uses to accomplish their goal of gaining the greatest data insight possible is their DataVoyant™ service. This integrated service interprets open source data and Deep Web data in a meaningful way that can be used to fundamentally enhance the way businesses work.

DataVoyant™ uses machine learning techniques to explore uninvestigated data, resulting in an exposure of underlying trends, influencers, and risks. This process allows businesses to gain the insight they need to make strategic management decisions without the struggle of figuring out what is relevant data.

At a high level, DataVoyant™ works by using a query to self-generate its own rich data sets, pulling together specific and relevant documents that go into the machine learning algorithm.

The algorithm uses pattern recognition to identify topics and quantifies their respective relevance and contexts within which they are discussed. This allows businesses to find trends and connections that can provide actionable insight into their business decisions and strategic plans.

Discover the Power of DataVoyant™ with Walkthrough Examples

Throughout the webinar, Mark provides detailed case examples of how DataVoyant™ can help businesses gain the insight they need to make effective and efficient business decisions.

The first case example deals with Consumer Price Index (CPI) and focuses on the basic discovery aspect of DataVoyant™. The final example centers around the manufacturing of luxury SUVs, and how DataVoyant™ can be used to go beyond current data and make reliable predictions about a business’s future.  

Download our Trends and Influencers Webinar and Be Efficient with Your Data Harvest Techniques

The most difficult aspect of the data harvest process for many data collection companies is often identifying the meaningful and relevant data that businesses need to know.

With AMPLYFI’s DataVoyant™ solution and other open source intelligence tools, your business can find the meaningful data in Deep Web search, Dark Web search, and open source content.

Want to learn more about BrightPlanet’s work with AMPLYFI? Watch the full webinar and learn how to leverage your Deep Web data, Dark Web data, and open source data by exposing the underlying trends and influencers of it.

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