Differentiate the Deep Web and Dark Web with New Overview Resources

At BrightPlanet, we live and breath everything related to the Deep Web and Dark Web, and write about both topics often in our Deep Web University blog.

Working in both the Deep Web and Dark Web allows businesses to gain remarkable insight into their organization by harvesting data otherwise absent from ordinary Surface Web data extraction processes. Having access to Deep Web and Dark Web data gives businesses a better idea of underlying trends, opportunities, and risks associated to their professional field.

It can be easy to group together data from the Deep Web and Dark Web as one; however, Deep Web data and Dark Web data are very different.

Fortunately, BrightPlanet has launched two new resourses on our website that give an overview of both the Deep Web and Dark Web in order to help clear up confusion about these topics. After reading these informative pages, our hope is that people feel more comfortable working in all areas of the web, and learn how BrightPlanet can help clients achieve their data harvest goals.

Your Guide to the Deep Web

BrightPlanet works in the Deep Web. But what is it, and how does Deep Web search work?

In Your Guide to the Deep Web, learn how Deep Web data differs from traditional data found via search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo, which only index the Surface Web.

You’ll also learn how BrightPlanet’s data harvest technology categorizes Deep Web data into specific groups, giving you the relevant information you need.

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Discover the Dark Web

The term, “Dark Web,” can be a bit intimidating, which is why many businesses and organizations make no attempt to harvest this type of data.

When you “Discover the Dark Web,” you’ll find out just how valuable Dark Web data can be for any organization that values intellectual property protection, brand integrity, and the safety of sensitive customer information.

In this overview of the Dark Web, we also discuss how BrightPlanet works in the anonymous Internet known as the TOR network, to harvest Dark Web data safely and securely.

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Stay Connected with the Deep Web and Dark Web Experts at BrightPlanet

BrightPlanet is excited to officially launch both “Your Guide to the Deep Web” and “Discover the Dark Web.” We live and breath all things related to the Deep Web and Dark Web, and want those interested in leveraging data harvesting to understand the benefits that come while working in these two unique areas of the web.

Ready to take data harvesting to the next level? Let BrightPlanet help you make sense of your web data and schedule a consultation with our Data Acquisition Engineer today!

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