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WEBINAR: Search, Ingest, and Analyze Open Source Data

Open source data is full of potential. But one of the biggest struggles that businesses have with open source data is actually loading the unstructured content into their product or service. Thankfully, BrightPlanet’s REST API allows you to effectively leverage open source data by searching, ingesting, and analyzing harvested content. Search, Ingest, & Analyze Harvested […]

Your Data Management Strategy: A Review

In recent years, many organizations have progressed in their data strategies, resulting in much more mature strategies. This is especially true with BrightPlanet customers. As such, the insights in the recent Harvard Business Review article certainly ring true with what we see in the market today. We thought it would be useful to share with you some of […]

Four Questions You Need to Answer Before Starting an Open Source Anti-Fraud Program

You’ve faced your fair share of fraudulent situations. They have negatively impacted your business. You’re sick of the detrimental and long-lasting effects of fraud. You’re ready to take action. But how? An open source anti-fraud program can be of great help in situations such as yours. Being proactive allows you to halt fraud attempts in […]

Webinar Recap: Building an Online Anti-Fraud Open Source Monitoring Program

Fraudulent activity. Suspicious transaction. Discrepancies. These utterances all point towards the five-letter nemesis: fraud. Fraud has long been an issue in many industries, and dealing with it is anything but a joyride. The headaches, confusion, hopelessness, and major losses that follow a fraudulent attack continue to plague many organizations. Cue our latest webinar held on […]