What can you do with BlueJay

Customers use BlueJay to

  1. Monitor high profile events
  2. Disrupt potential illicit activities
  3. Monitor public safety at large events
  4. Enhance public school safety
  1. Disrupt gang violence
  2. Monitor department mentions
  3. Assist in emergency response and crisis intervention

What current users are saying about BlueJay

The BlueJay Twitter Scanner has quickly become our go-to tool for scanning Twitter for threats to and around Comerica Park, home of the Detroit Tigers, and Joe Louis Arena, home of the Detroit Red Wings. Intelligence produced from BlueJay enables us to prevent incidents, respond quicker to incidents, and moreover, create a safer environment for the public, our employees and professional teams.

- Rick Fenton, Vice President of Security Operations at Illitch Holdings

I signed up for the free trial of BlueJay and immediately found a 14 year old girl who had tweeted that she wanted to kill herself. After seeing the suicidal tweet in real- time, I immediately sent out a patrol car and was able to get a hold of her parents. Without BlueJay, we would not have had the situational awareness to effectively act upon such a time-sensitive situation.

- Detective from Sheriff's Office in the Southeast United States


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