Tyson Johnson, VP of Business Development

Tyson Johnson: Selling Deep Web Data-as-a-Service in 2017

Tyson Johnson, our Vice President of Business Development, begins his mornings reading news sources and blogs to keep his eye on data industry trends. He then catches up on our new and potential leads and reviews everything from existing projects to potential engagements. His daily goal is straight-forward: develop Deep Web Data-as-a-Service strategies to make sure we’re meeting client’s needs.

In Tyson’s words, BrightPlanet is premium data fuel for the engines of analytics platforms and Big Data projects. The duty of the company is to help answer our customers’ data questions and empower our partners to enhance their current technologies with BrightPlanet data or build new platforms to harness it for their customers.

We provide the open source data for companies that are interested in generating new insights from external data.

Personalized Deep Web Search Technology

One of the best selling points BrightPlanet has to offer is our dedicated tech team. Are there other harvester engines and Deep Web search companies that do what we do? Yes. However, what separates us is that our clients get a fully managed service from experts in the field.

For Tyson, something he appreciates about this team is their lack of ego. Despite being individuals who have written code, developed technology, and worked with both government and industry giants, they remain humble. The pride they get is from working hard to leverage our technology and from developing understanding of methodologies of open source development.

The end game is helping the clients achieve their mandate and solving the challenges that they have. Throughout the 15 years we’ve done this, Tyson and the team have been taking the time to educate on the value of our open source methods.

At the same time, our team educates themselves on the processes of our customers in order to be well positioned to meet their needs. Our Data-as-a-Service builds custom solutions for our partners and customers as well as the data sets they need. However, Tyson is firm that the team will not force a data set or service on you if it has no relevance to your operation.

The Future for Deep Web Search Technologies

When you’re dealing with Big Data and Deep Web search technology, new trends are constantly emerging.

Tyson believes something to watch for in the next few years will be the roles the Consumer Internet and the Industrial Internet play. It’s difficult to imagine the complexities of managing open source Consumer Internet data and Industrial Internet data simultaneously. Despite the potential difficulty, Tyson believes BrightPlanet sits in a perfect spot to be able to leverage and use its harvest engine to pull data from both when the time comes.

Data marts are also something that Tyson is optimistic about for the future of data. If you’re unfamiliar with data marts, they provide certain data for purchase. The rise of data marts shows the continued growth in interest for external, open source data.

Key Opportunities in 2017

Big Data and open sources aren’t going away; in fact, they’re becoming more difficult to manage. Tyson foresees that BrightPlanet’s ability to help customers manage data flow will be invaluable.

He’s excited to see that 2017 projects even more growth than we saw in 2016. He is also extremely optimistic to see our key partners work with our data and produce excellent products and services for their customers. There is always a need for BrightPlanet to search for analytic partners to meet customers’ needs going forward.

To make the most out of open sources, we need creative solutions. If we can find and build with those partners efficiently, Tyson believes BrightPlanet will continue to have success.

If you’re interested in leveraging external data sources in 2017, tell us what you’re working on. We’ll work together with you to find the right, custom data solution for you whether it’s a service of ours or not.