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WEBINAR – Tyson Johnson: Building an Online Anti-Fraud Open Source Monitoring Program

If you want to give a business professional a headache by uttering a single word, one word that will surely suffice is “fraud”. Dealing with fraud is a problem that is as time-consuming as it is frustrating. Unfortunately, many financial institutions suffer major losses with no way to counteract after falling victim to this unpredictable crime. […]

New Rosoka Release: Improving Data Enrichment and Entity Extraction

No great operation is ever done alone. Lucky enough for BrightPlanet, we are incredibly fortunate to be able to work alongside many technical companies that care deeply about their craft. Without their contributions, we wouldn’t have gained such valuable insight into expanding our own capabilities. One of BrightPlanet’s long-time partners is Rosoka. We love working with […]

Tyson Johnson: Why Building an Online Anti-Fraud Open Source Monitoring Program is Essential

Combatting online fraud data is an issue where businesses and financial institutions must be proactive. The negative impact that fraud creates is something that inevitably ends up costing both money and time. On Wednesday, April 5, Tyson Johnson is speaking at the ACFE-CPIO conference. His presentation focuses on “Building An Online Anti-Fraud Open Source Monitoring Program.” […]

Aric Boschee: Maximizing Deep Web Technologies as a Senior Software Engineer

Growing up in Woonsocket, SD, Aric Boschee was very involved. He excelled at math and computer science, while playing a variety of sports, including playing collegiate baseball and football. His current hobbies include golfing, bowling, fishing, and pheasant hunting. After graduating from Dakota State University in 2004, Aric was on the job hunt for developer positions. […]

Scott Vercruysse: From Researching Markets to Data Harvesting

Breathing heavy, he darts down the rubble of the trail ahead of him. Somedays the wind blows hard, and somedays the sun shines bright. Either way, he keeps going. For Scott Vercruysse, one of our Data Acquisition Engineers at BrightPlanet, both running outdoors and taking on client projects presents him with new challenges. He prefers it that […]

Corey Hermanson and Perfecting Deep Web Technologies

How does someone go from being an aspiring sports writer to having the job title “Data Acquisition Engineer”? Although it seems unconventional, this path has paid dividends for one of our experts on Deep Web technologies, Corey Hermanson. Born and raised in the Minnesota, Corey has always called the upper midwest his home. After graduating high school, Corey […]

Open Data vs. Web Content: Why the distinction?

For those who are unfamiliar with our line of work, the difference between open data vs. web content may be confusing. In fact, it’s even a question that doesn’t have a clear answer for those of us who are familiar with Deep Web data extraction. One of the best practices we do as a company is […]