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Corey Hermanson and Perfecting Deep Web Technologies

How does someone go from being an aspiring sports writer to having the job title “Data Acquisition Engineer”? Although it seems unconventional, this path has paid dividends for one of our experts on Deep Web technologies, Corey Hermanson. Born and raised in the Minnesota, Corey has always called the upper midwest his home. After graduating high school, Corey […]

Open Data vs. Web Content: Why the distinction?

For those who are unfamiliar with our line of work, the difference between open data vs. web content may be confusing. In fact, it’s even a question that doesn’t have a clear answer for those of us who are familiar with Deep Web data extraction. One of the best practices we do as a company is […]

Tyson Johnson: Selling Deep Web Data-as-a-Service in 2017

Tyson Johnson, our Vice President of Business Development, begins his mornings reading news sources and blogs to keep his eye on data industry trends. He then catches up on our new and potential leads and reviews everything from existing projects to potential engagements. His daily goal is straight-forward: develop Deep Web Data-as-a-Service strategies to make sure […]

Will Bushee on Deep Web and Open Source Data Technology in 2017

Our Deep Web and open source data technologies are a tremendous asset for our clients. Any Data-as-a-Service function we execute puts our clients in the best position to fulfill their specific needs and goals. No one understands this more than Will Bushee, our Vice President of Technology. For years, Will has been working alongside our clients to get them the […]

Bill Anderson: A New CEO, The Vision for 2017

Some are always searching for truth. Truth-seeking is what helps ignite the thought-provoking flame that guides us in the intelligence community. When paired with a sharp, analytical mind and a drive to maximize possibility, a truth-seeker becomes someone who is absolutely invaluable to Deep Web searches and Data-as-a-Service. As an aficionado of learning, teaching, leadership, and […]

Guest Post: Was Santa involved in WikiLeaks too?

We partnered with Basis Technology to show how their technology Rosette Text Analytics could be utilized with ours in a fun, Christmas-themed example that they published on their blog. We harvested data from WikiLeaks and curated the data to find Christmas-related mentions. Find out what we were able to uncover. You can read it here.