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Webinar Recap: Harvest Open Source Data Easily with Our REST API

Open source data. It’s full of potential, but comes with some major challenges. The biggest challenge for many data collection companies while working with open source intelligence tools is loading all of their unstructured data content into their product or service. This is where BrightPlanet’s REST API comes in. This tool is a quick and […]

VIDEO: Installing TOR on a Windows 10 Virtual Machine

Using a virtual machine while working in the Deep Web and Dark Web is key to obtaining information safely and securely. At BrightPlanet, we’ve communicated the benefits of using a virtual machine while working in the traditionally “unsafe” Deep Web and Dark Web. Before business leaders make important decisions, they should have access to all […]

VIDEO: How to Set Up a Windows 10 Virtual Machine on Your Desktop

Do you ever find yourself sifting through web data, but you’re worried about the possibilities of something going wrong within your desktop, such as a virus? If so, installing the Windows 10 burner box could offer you some much-needed reassurance while working with Deep Web technologies and open source intelligence tools. This virtual desktop runs […]

WEBINAR: Search, Ingest, and Analyze Open Source Data

Open source data is full of potential. But one of the biggest struggles that businesses have with open source data is actually loading the unstructured content into their product or service. Thankfully, BrightPlanet’s REST API allows you to effectively leverage open source data by searching, ingesting, and analyzing harvested content. Search, Ingest, & Analyze Harvested […]

Patty Suedbeck: The Ins and Outs of Data Harvesting Accounting

Wearing many hats is nothing new to Patty Suedbeck. Patty refers to herself at the Accounting and Finance Director/Office Manager/Head of Human Resources at BrightPlanet. And she is. As BrightPlanet’s accountant, Patty is in charge of all the financial responsibilities — and she takes great pride in her work. Patty’s Path to Working with Open […]

Your Data Management Strategy: A Review

In recent years, many organizations have progressed in their data strategies, resulting in much more mature strategies. This is especially true with BrightPlanet customers. As such, the insights in the recent Harvard Business Review article certainly ring true with what we see in the market today. We thought it would be useful to share with you some of […]