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What Type of Web Data Can You Collect From Facebook?

With over 1.65 billion monthly active users, it’s no surprise that businesses want to access user-generated content from Facebook. Status updates, likes, reviews, comments, photos, and videos all contribute to a sea of web data generated by Facebook users. But what exactly can be collected from Facebook and how are companies typically accessing that data? […]

DATA VISUALIZATION: Uncovering Insights from Election Coverage

How often are the presidential candidates being mentioned in the news? And who’s mentioning them? Two questions we asked ourselves at BrightPlanet recently. Fortunately for us, we already had the data in our Global News Data Feed to help answer those questions. Using the Global News Data Feed, we created the following visualization via Tableau to help answer […]

How Web Data Harvesting Can Be Used to Combat Counterfeiting

The World Trademark Review recently published a startling commentary on a study in an article titled,  “We are failing”: study reveals $461 billion international trade in counterfeit and pirated goods. The article details the failings of companies when it comes to combatting counterfeiting online. In this post, we hope to cover how harvesting web data […]

VIDEO: What is the Deep Web?

At BrightPlanet we have a lot of frequently asked questions that we provide answers to in our Deep Web University content. Some of our most read blog posts answer these important questions. Education continues to be an important part of what we do at BrightPlanet so we decided to take some of our most read […]

BrightPlanet Adds Two New Advanced Features to API Searches

Our Global News Data Feed API just got better! We’re excited to announce that we’ve added two additional features directly from the API. Users can identify how positive/negative entities (People, places, or companies) are mentioned within each Web page. (Polarity) Users can get a score rating the importance of the entity within each Web page. (Salience) BrightPlanet Global News […]

Embrace Imperfect Data – A New Way of Thinking About Data

The advancement in hardware, cloud computing, and more efficient database and warehousing solutions has allowed for a new way of thinking in data analysis, particularly when it comes to data collection. The old way of thinking that revolves around the concept of sample size, often described as ‘n’, is a thing of the past. Instead […]

What Type Of Data Can You Get From Twitter?

With over 320 million monthly active users, Twitter continues to be a rich and vast resource for data on the Web. Twitter provides direct access to Tweets and user data in a number of ways. What can you actually collect from Twitter and how can it be used? In this post, we focus on uncovering […]