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Pharmaceutical Fraud and Counterfeiting – Finding a Deep Web Solution

A recent Business Week article titled “Inside Pfizer’s Fight Against Counterfeit Drugs” talks about how big the pharmaceutical fraud and counterfeiting problem is. “According to company data, in 2010 authorities from53 countries seized 8.4 million tablets, capsules, and vials of counterfeit Pfizer drugs” (Business Week, Pg. 2). The problem is huge and not only costs […]


Why you should tap into the Deep Web in 2013

Read the 2014 post here. For 2013, it is important to tap into the rich resources existing in the Deep Web. The last time an extensive study was completed estimating the size of the Deep Web was in a 2001 study – a time when the internet consisted of only approximately three million different domains. […]


[BEST PRACTICES] Guidelines for Criminal Intelligence gathering

When it comes to harvesting open-source Big Data from the Deep Web, stakeholders within every step of the data chain are concerned about the legal issues surrounding privacy and civil liberties. Professionals in law enforcement and the intelligence community, in particular, are concerned with protecting privacy, civil rights, and civil liberties. Below are two helpful […]


Politics in the Deep Web: A case study for political intelligence

It’s an election year and campaign season is in full swing. Commercials are on every television and radio station, polling cold-calls are being made, and rallies are creating buzz. The world of politics is large, competitive, and fast-paced. Real-time updates and information published on non-indexed websites can make it virtually impossible to stay on top […]


[Video] Deep Web Silo Services for Health Research

BrightPlanet’s Deep Web Silos are individual repositories for topic-specific content, and are updated with new and relevant information from the Deep Web Harvester in real-time. Each one is filled with high-quality Deep Web resources – databases, RSS feeds, and more – that lie beyond the reach of traditional search engines. They also include standard analytical […]


What is a Deep Web harvest?

Far below the surface of the Internet lies the Deep Web. Google can’t take you there, nor can any other standard search engine. The Deep Web is full of valuable research, content and data sets too large for the average Internet user to analyze one click at a time. The Deep Web can be accessed […]