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Proxy Servers: Defying the Data-Collection Odds

At BrightPlanet, data harvesting is our specialty. But data harvesting is anything but simple. That’s where proxy servers come in. We have an anonymous proxy server and a TOR proxy cluster that we leverage for most of our harvesting. Friendly Crawling: A Harvesting Necessity Today many servers will automatically block crawlers (like ours) based on […]


Open Data vs. Web Content: Why the distinction?

For those who are unfamiliar with our line of work, the difference between open data vs. web content may be confusing. In fact, it’s even a question that doesn’t have a clear answer for those of us who are familiar with Deep Web data extraction. One of the best practices we do as a company is […]


Using BrightPlanet’s Compare Function to Analyze Data in Daily News

The fiery 2016 election cycle brought increased wariness and scrutiny of the media — and the news content we digest. Misleading facts and deceptive memes were disseminated through news articles, blogs, and social media at ever-increasing volumes. In this new era of post-trust politics, it is more critical than ever to research and verify the […]


How to Find and Harvest Dark Web Data from the TOR Network

The Internet is constantly changing, and that’s more apparent on the TOR Network than anywhere else. In this section of the Dark Web, you can see a URL one minute and it’ll be gone the next. These fly-by-night URLs make it challenging to collect TOR data, but it’s important to stay on top of Dark […]