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WEBINAR: Harvest Data While Understanding Complex Trends and Their Influencers with AMPLYFI

Indices and tracking metrics are often the main inputs that help businesses harvest data, navigate Deep Web search and understand complex trends and make strategically important decisions. However, these limited and often unconnected measures do little to uncover the underlying influencers. Join BrightPlanet as we hold our next webinar, Harvest Data While Understanding Complex Trends […]


Greater Data Harvest Opportunities with the New Rosoka Update

For years, BrightPlanet has been proud to partner with Rosoka, an industry leader of text analytics solutions. We enjoy working with Rosoka because of their commitment to bringing unique value to organizations by helping them automatically identify the important entities in unstructured data. Rosoka recently made some innovative updates to their software. These updates are […]


Patty Suedbeck: The Ins and Outs of Data Harvesting Accounting

Wearing many hats is nothing new to Patty Suedbeck. Patty refers to herself at the Accounting and Finance Director/Office Manager/Head of Human Resources at BrightPlanet. And she is. As BrightPlanet’s accountant, Patty is in charge of all the financial responsibilities — and she takes great pride in her work. Patty’s Path to Working with Open […]


Proxy Servers: Defying the Data-Collection Odds

At BrightPlanet, data harvesting is our specialty. But data harvesting is anything but simple. That’s where proxy servers come in. We have an anonymous proxy server and a TOR proxy cluster that we leverage for most of our harvesting. Friendly Crawling: A Harvesting Necessity Today many servers will automatically block crawlers (like ours) based on […]


Your Data Management Strategy: A Review

In recent years, many organizations have progressed in their data strategies, resulting in much more mature strategies. This is especially true with BrightPlanet customers. As such, the insights in the recent Harvard Business Review article certainly ring true with what we see in the market today. We thought it would be useful to share with you some of […]


Four Questions You Need to Answer Before Starting an Open Source Anti-Fraud Program

You’ve faced your fair share of fraudulent situations. They have negatively impacted your business. You’re sick of the detrimental and long-lasting effects of fraud. You’re ready to take action. But how? An open source anti-fraud program can be of great help in situations such as yours. Being proactive allows you to halt fraud attempts in […]


How We Do Data Harvesting

Here’s the scenario: you’re faced with a data problem that is negatively affecting your business. You don’t know where to find the data, let alone how you’ll be able to obtain it. That’s where we can help.


Providing Structure and Security to Web Data Harvesting

Over the years, one of our main focuses has been getting the most out of our Deep Web search. As multiple industries are discovering the demanding need for data harvesting and managing their Big Data, we’ve taken the necessary steps to provide structure and security for their respective businesses.