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New Rosoka Release: Improving Data Enrichment and Entity Extraction

No great operation is ever done alone. Lucky enough for BrightPlanet, we are incredibly fortunate to be able to work alongside many technical companies that care deeply about their craft. Without their contributions, we wouldn’t have gained such valuable insight into expanding our own capabilities. One of BrightPlanet’s long-time partners is Rosoka. We love working with […]


Corey Hermanson and Perfecting Deep Web Technologies

How does someone go from being an aspiring sports writer to having the job title “Data Acquisition Engineer”? Although it seems unconventional, this path has paid dividends for one of our experts on Deep Web technologies, Corey Hermanson. Born and raised in the Minnesota, Corey has always called the upper midwest his home. After graduating high school, Corey […]


Will Bushee on Deep Web and Open Source Data Technology in 2017

Our Deep Web and open source data technologies are a tremendous asset for our clients. Any Data-as-a-Service function we execute puts our clients in the best position to fulfill their specific needs and goals. No one understands this more than Will Bushee, our Vice President of Technology. For years, Will has been working alongside our clients to get them the […]


Using BrightPlanet’s Compare Function to Analyze Data in Daily News

The fiery 2016 election cycle brought increased wariness and scrutiny of the media — and the news content we digest. Misleading facts and deceptive memes were disseminated through news articles, blogs, and social media at ever-increasing volumes. In this new era of post-trust politics, it is more critical than ever to research and verify the […]


Rely on Social Media Content at Your Platform’s Peril

Social media content can tell us a lot about the nature of any given situation. In recent years, the intelligence community has found these surveillance efforts to be incredibly advantageous, especially when obtaining free web content. However, without diversifying your data sources, relying on social media content can be a risky proposition for any company.


Analysis of Trump Tweets through OSINT

Working alongside Receptiviti, a psychology-based data collection company, we dissected the personalities behind the tweets of president-elect, Donald Trump. Discover how OSINT (open source intelligence) technologies can masterfully harvest data and profile online content.


Webinar Recap: Open Source Intelligence Tools and Trump

During this presidential election, we have seen a dramatic increase in the use of social media by public officials. From state senates to the White House, politicians are embracing the use of posting on these platforms to express their viewpoints, accomplishments, criticisms, and personal opinions. The use of open source intelligence tools helps determine words that come […]