What is a Deep Web harvest?

Far below the surface of the Internet lies the Deep Web. Google can’t take you there, nor can any other standard search engine. The Deep Web is full of valuable research, content and data sets too large for the average Internet user to analyze one click at a time. The Deep Web can be accessed only by searching a website’s search box, thereby querying the database behind a Deep Web website. Without access to the Deep Web, the user will not find content on the Internet that isn’t explicitly linked to.

Since this information is not indexed and therefore impossible to reach via standard search engines, you need something more. You need a scalable tool specialized for gathering information from the Deep Web and making it useful and understandable for you.

Deep Web Harvester

The Deep Web Harvester is the most comprehensive tool available for Deep Web content acquisition. It can go where no standard search engine has gone before and gather data for you, regardless of language, location, or source. In addition to Deep Web harvests, other harvest types include Surface Web (following hyperlinks like Google), Twitter, Facebook, RSS ingestion, and LinkedIn. After harvesting, or acquiring the content, the Deep Web Harvester enriches, normalizes, and delivers curated information prepared for you to analyze.

The Deep Web Harvester is completely customizable, making it easy for you to tailor searches exactly for your specific need.  With virtually limitless document filtering capabilities, the Deep Web Harvester gathers and prepares analysis-ready information. The program is available as a standalone web interface through SaaS or as an accessible enterprise solution behind the security of your firewall. It is designed for the technologically savvy person who wants to fully customize his or her Deep Web search.

The Deep Web Harvester is a one-of-a-kind tool for users and it has a successful track record of Deep Web deliverables.

Benefits of the Deep Web Harvester include:

  • Monitor and harvest topic-specific content
  • Develop custom query criteria
  • Able to issue thousands of simultaneous queries
  • Optionally include existing Surface Web search engines
  • Harvest content through RSS feeds
  • Tap directly into Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn content
  • Ingest newsletters and email content directly
  • Custom filtering ensures the most relevant results


Who should use the Deep Web Harvester?

Because of the Deep Web Harvester’s capabilities, it is useful in many industries.


Analysts can automatically monitor content published on the Internet in near real-time. Automatic harvesting saves hours of manual research which can instead be applied to more critical functions: analyzing content to create actionable intelligence.

  • Competitive Intelligence
  •  Fraud Detection
  • Social Media monitoring
  • Brand Protection
  • Theft of Trade Secret (ToTS) Monitoring
  • Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)
  • People Finding
  • Company-specific news
  • Press releases
  • FDA warnings
  • SEC filings
  • USPTO applications


Intelligence analysts can automatically monitor websites and social media from any source, in any language and in any format to monitor for security threats.  Who should be using this:

  • Intelligence Agencies
  • Federal Agencies
  • State/Local/Tribal Law Enforcement Agencies

Law Enforcement

The bad guys are using social media, in particular to run and direct their operations.  New monitoring technologies specifically devoted to social media allow officers and investigators a true “force multiplier” in the war on crime.

  • Criminal activity
  • Patterns of life analysis
  • Geo location
  • Connections between suspects
  • Social Unrest

Translational Research

Open-source content can help bridge the knowledge gap between laboratory and clinical researchers. Harvested content from both Deep Web and Surface Web sources combine to create topic-specific repositories for translational research. Grant-seekers discover where grant money is coming from and who is getting the money. Link analysis reveals previously-unknown potential colleagues. Research teams enjoy the benefits of a robust, all-encompassing information repository while diversifying costs across multiple organizations.

  • Grants
  • Journal articles
  • Legislation
  • News
  • Patents
  • Clinical Trial Information
  • White Papers
  • Blogs/Message Boards
  • Conference Reports
  • Institutional Papers

Because the Deep Web Harvester has the ability to customize queries and send thousands of simultaneous queries, people seeking ultimate control in their Deep Web search and Big Data analysis should use the tool.

The power of the Deep Web Harvester lies not only in its ability to tap into the riches of the Deep Web, but its ability to prepare the gathered information ready for review. The Deep Web Harvester takes the confusion out of the Deep Web and puts the power into the users’ hands.