What industries can benefit from leveraging Big Data from the Deep Web?

Many businesses and institutions know about Big Data and know they need to integrate it into their every day, but they don’t know how to get beyond the hype and make it usable. Some industries are ahead of others, but there is still huge headway to be made. Retail is great at collecting and compiling Big Data that is owned within their walls, but what about Big Data from the Deep Web?

In this post you’ll find two case studies from industries that took Big Data from the Deep Web and made it actionable. Additional case studies are available in our What is Big Data whitepaper.

FinancialWeb for Industry Post

First up is the financial industry. Unstructured data is critical as financial institutions make day-to-day business decisions. In the financial world, the difference between getting news as-it-happens as opposed to hours later can be millions of dollars.

BrightPlanet worked with a market-leading hedge fund to automatically monitor the Deep Web for news, press releases, SEC filings, or other online updates about companies of interest. This automation allowed researchers to spend time analyzing the data for quick decisions rather than searching the Internet hoping to find relevant data.

BrightPlanet created a customizable alerting service that aggregated the results into email alerts to make the process even more efficient. Now the hedge fund has timely data to make decisions.

Law Enforcement

Our next industry case study is in law enforcement. For law enforcement, the information found on the Deep Web provides a glimpse into the lives of suspects, victims, and witnesses that wouldn’t be possible with a real-life investigation and can even be used to stop potentially dangerous situations before they start.

BrightPlanet worked with a number of police departments during the 2012 presidential debate at Hofstra University. Hundreds of demonstrators descended on Hofstra during the 2008 debate, some turning violent, and the departments did not want to be caught off guard again.

BrightPlanet set up a solution to track and monitor Twitter and send alerts. The departments exploited location-based data from Twitter and were able to save valuable time by filtering out noise and viewing only relevant results to act upon.

From Data to Actionable Intelligence Blog Series

Almost any industry can benefit from harnessing Big Data from the Deep Web. We posted the first in a three-part series of blog posts about how data goes from the Deep Web to actionable intelligence.  Subscribe to our blog to get the next installment when it posts.

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