Partnering with GeoTime to Make Twitter Data Actionable for Law Enforcement

We get a lot of questions asking how law enforcement can leverage Twitter data to enhance situational awareness and provide actionable intelligence. BrightPlanet is teaming up with GeoTime to help effectively take geolocated Twitter data and visualize movement and communication patterns.

GeoTimeGeoTime is a visualization tool to track geospatial movements over time that can easily leverage collected data from our BlueJay Twitter Crime Scanner. Unlike other open source intelligence (OSINT) tools which limit analysts’ ability to interact with the data, this combined solution allows you to export, filter and generate a report with data directly from the Twitter Firehose.

BlueJay subscribers are able to export a CSV format of Twitter data and GeoTime takes that data and presents it in an intuitive and visual format not just for visual analysis but also for interaction. The tool can create a timeline of tweets that have occurred, map tweets, visualize mentions of certain terms, and track movement patterns and areas of interest in 2D or 3D.

Analysts can type up their notes and save certain information and views specific to an investigation in their report panel within GeoTime. Information in the reports panel can be exported directly into PowerPoint and/or saved directly on a computer.

Subscribers who sign up for a 12 month subscription of BlueJay  have the opportunity to receive a year subscription to GeoTime for free; an over $4,000 value.

If you are interested in BlueJay, sign up for a free trial.

If you are in law enforcement and would like a demonstration of how BlueJay and GeoTime integrate, sign up here.


Photo: CPOA