5 Reasons Your Organization Should Be Using OSINT

We have written a few posts about structured versus unstructured data, open source intelligence (OSINT) and how organizations are using it. In this post, we want to give five reasons why your organization should be using OSINT.

#1 – Take advantage of data not generated by you

Reduce the amount of time spent trying to create data and find it internally. Tap into OSINT on the Deep Web that is just waiting to be harvested so you can spend more time analyzing and making decisions based on the data and less time searching for it.

#2 – Collect and access data you don’t have access to today or you didn’t know existed

Often our clients didn’t even know the data we collect for them existed or was available to them. Many of our clients have questions they are trying to answer and the answer is often available in publicly available OSINT.

#3 – Listen externally with OSINT; relying on only internal, structured data means you’re only listening to yourself

When making decisions most people try to be as objective as possible. If you are only using internal, structured data to make organizational decisions, you are short-changing yourself and not seeing the full picture that is available to you with often unstructured OSINT.

#4 – It’s external Big Data

There is so much hype about Big Data right now and OSINT is external Big Data. If your organization has been trying to figure out how to find or start using the elusive “big data”, start with OSINT.

#5 – Because you can; it’s public and available

OSINT by definition is any unclassified information and includes anything freely available on the web. It is available to you so start using it!

Find Your OSINT

If you are interested in what OSINT might be relevant for your organization, sign up for a free demonstration to discuss the Big Data available on the Deep Web.



Photo: Emi Yanez