Using Social Media for Insurance Claims Research

For the past three months, BrightPlanet has worked jointly with the Canadian insurance broker, ISB Canada, to offer Social Media Reports for insurance claim research to provide snapshots of social presence for claims professionals.

ReportGraphicThe Social Media Search and Surveillance Reports are meant to reduce manual processes often associated with searching and reporting by claims agents as the reports automate search on social media platforms.

The two different reports deliver publicly-available, open source data that is captured from major social media channels as well as Deep Web content. Since only public-facing content is harvested and collected, BrightPlanet’s Social Media Reports are respectful of privacy laws.

Insurance claims agents use BrightPlanet’s reports to:

  • Reduce investigation costs on a per claim basis
  • Execute precision physical surveillance using online insight
  • Identify and document claimant activity on social media
  • Uncover evidence of fraudulent claims through social media information
  • Receive timelines of claimant’s social media activity
  • Protect policyholders at large

Report Types

BrightPlanet currently offers two different types of reports, Social Media Reports, which deliver a one-time snapshot to assist in an insurance claim, and Social Media Surveillance, which monitors data during a 30-day time period for claims investigators. Reports cost $60 for a Social Media Search Report and $500 for a 30-day Social Media Surveillance Report.