OSINT Automation Product Training Seminar

BrightPlanet Presents at OSINT Automation Product Training Seminar

On February 19, BrightPlanet will present at the premier OSINT Automation Product Training Seminar in Washington, DC. This one-day event, presented by ISS World and featuring a presentation by our own Tyson Johnson, will cover everything one needs to know about OSINT, or open source intelligence.

Open source information (Internet, social media, academic, geospatial, and public data) contains many cyber attack planning signals from ill-intentioned actors. Using automated collection, governmental entities and corporations can divert cyber attacks like those that were directed at JP Morgan and the White House this past October. Manual methods are inadequate due to the volume of information to be analyzed and the rapid speed with which threats arise.

ISS World’s day-long training seminar focuses on OSINT automation platforms, which can offer early warning and protection against Internet-based security attacks. Unlike traditional cyber security products designed based on known attacks, these next-generation security intelligence systems can give real-time alerts for immediate intelligence to be gathered about a threat.

The 12 presentations scheduled for this seminar will focus on how to use next-generation systems, best practices, and case examples. The session is not classified, but attendees will be vetted to ensure that only law enforcement, intelligence professionals, and their cyber security vendors are in the audience.

Interested in attending? Click here to register for a special discounted price of $395. Want to come, but can’t make it? Check back with our blog for a recap highlighting Tyson’s presentation in particular. Just want to learn more about OSINT and how it relates to law enforcement? Download our free whitepaper on the topic.



List of Presentations

Next Generation Information Access: The CyberOSINT Disruption
Stephen E. Arnold, Managing Partner, ArnoldIT

CyberOSINT Architecture: Methods and Mechanisms for LE/INTEL
Tyson Johnson MA CFE CPP, BrightPlanet

Expert System Cogito: Facilitating International Automated Collection and Threat Detection via Open Source Information
Luca Scagliarini, Vice President Strategy and Business Development, Expert System

Rise of Critical Infrastructure Attacks: Protecting Our Vital National Systems from Cyber Threat
Sean McGurk, Vice President of Business Development and Critical Infrastructure Protection,Centripetal Networks

Threat Intelligence: Securing Your Perimeter and Safeguarding Your Organization
James Carnall, Vice President, Cyber Intelligence Division, Cyveillance

BAE Systems Products and Services Exploiting Open Source Intelligence
Kevin McNeill, Solution Architect, BAE Systems Intelligence & Security

The Challenge of Drawing Acitonable Insight from Automated Colleciton: The Leidos Approach to Automated Collection and Threat Analysis
Parker Hine, Business Development Lead, Leidos

Recorded Future: Web Intelligence
Jason Hines, Vice President, Recorded Future

Enterprise Threat Management: A Comprehensive Risk-Based Approach
Bryan Ware, CTO, Haystax Technology

Next Generation Human Oversight-Behavioral Analytics to Combat Insider Threat
Michael Madon, Vice President and General Manager, RedOwl Government

Evolution of the Insider Threat
Michael Crouse, Director of Insider Threat Strategies, Raytheon Cyber Products

Concluding Remarks and Thank You
Dr. Jerry Lucas, President, TeleStrategies
Stephen E. Arnold, Managing Partner, ArnoldIT

To view the complete seminar schedule, click here.