BrightPlanet Releases New Search Dashboard for Online Data Discovery

Late last year, we announced the release of our Global News Data Feed; a collection of over 10,000 global news sources harvested daily to give users access to diverse news datasets. The dataset has continued to grow and expand as we identify new sources and now totals over 13 million unique harvested Web pages with over one billion tagged entities.

Until now, users could take advantage of the Global News Data Feed only using BrightPlanet’s API; limiting non-technical users from utilizing the vast amount of data available. We’re excited to announce the release of BrightPlanet’s New Search Dashboard developed for all users. In addition to the announcement, we are giving new dashboard users a free 10 day trial to test out the dashboard.

Vice President of Business Development, Tyson Johnson explains the need for a search dashboard, “Business groups of all technical backgrounds need to take advantage of external data feeds without any custom development. To do this we needed to add additional opportunities for businesses past a standard API.” The new search dashboard allows for an upgraded user experience and enhanced usability. BrightPlanet’s ability to enrich data gives users the ability to quickly find information on semi-structured data.

Dashboard“We wanted to make users’ search experience something that was very natural. To enhance the search environment, we included faceted searching to quickly categorize harvested Web pages. Similar to how you currently do online shopping by filtering on specific categories of items by color or price, faceted searching allows you to quickly filter on Web pages based off of custom entities such as names of people, companies, or places. We call it Search 2.0 or search on semi-structured data,” states Data Acquisition Engineer, Jamie Martin.

The new dashboard that includes the Global News Data Feed is available for a free 10 day trial for all users.  Current dashboard users have already discovered the value of news data using the dashboard a number of different ways, including:

  • Monitoring news stories in multiple languages
  • Analyzing most popular people, companies, and topics in the news
  • Creating alerts to notify of new and changed news stories


Want to learn more and try out a free trial of BrightPlanet’s Dashboard, request a 10 day trial below.

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