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[WHITE PAPER] How to Use OSINT to Strengthen Your Risk Management Framework

Business comes with an expected amount of risk; however, the growth of the Internet creates new opportunities for loss every day.

But open source intelligence technologies (OSINT) offer solutions to counteract those digital risks, allowing companies to detect and respond to risk events faster and more efficiently than ever before. 

Risk Management | BrightPlanet
We outlined the value of OSINT for risk management in our latest white paper, Strengthen Your Risk Management Framework. It’s a valuable solution across all industries for risk managers who follow the Committee of Sponsoring Organizations (COSO) framework.

Learn How OSINT Can Help You

OSINT provides data in near real-time, which gives risk management teams the ability to make decisions as potential breaches are happening and respond accordingly. In this white paperwe explain how you can use OSINT technology to advance your own risk management. The white paper will explain: 

  • How OSINT, the Deep Web and COSO Work Together
  • How OSINT Helps with Event Identification, Risk Assessment, Risk Response and Control Activities
  • How Real Risk Management Teams Use OSINT Technologies
  • How You Can Use OSINT For Your Business

Download the OSINT for Risk Management White Paper