Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Removes Limitations in Business

There’s a huge demand for information today. Businesses want to know more about potential risks and rewards and they want to know it faster than ever before.

Most companies know there’s a demand for intelligence, but don’t understand the real possibilities in accessing the data. Executives are limited by their own knowledge of open source data.

We’re here to clear up some of the confusion.

The fact is open source intelligence (OSINT) technologies provide access to a wealth of internal and external data from millions of sources to help both governmental agencies and private sector businesses make informed decisions every day.

Leveraging Insights

Good intelligence is the key to good decisions. No business owner will deny that, but coming to the good intelligence in the age of the Internet is tricky. Or so most people think.

OSINT technologies make it possible for your company to manage the flow of information that comes your way. There’s a massive amount of new content created online every day — Tweets, newsletters, news articles, social media posts, videos and emails just to name a few.

All of that information won’t be relevant to your business, so you need a way to filter the important pieces out of the noise. Those small pieces of data, filtered out of the stream of content, could be necessary for your business’ strategic plan. And you simply can’t track them without OSINT.

Once the data sets are separated from the noise, however, they can be used to track things like historical trends and future projects, as well as outside information like customer data.

Solving Challenges

Before we can leverage the information gathered into insights — you need to know what challenges you want to solve with the data.

For example, you might be concerned about monitoring for online fraud. Open source data can show you the places where counterfeits are being advertised and sold. Or maybe your business is worried about tracking risk events and responding effectively. Those instances are both easily managed with open source data.

Using OSINT, you can reach thousands of online sites and generate millions of documents, structured for analytics, before manually reviewing any information. Your team’s work starts after our algorithms do all the hard, technical work harvesting data.

OSINT Solutions

You shouldn’t be making decisions about your business without all of the relevant information on hand. OSINT gives you the opportunity to gather every piece of information available, quickly and efficiently, so you can make insightful and educated choices.

BrightPlanet offers OSINT solutions to help customers achieve greater insights by harvesting from the world’s largest database. Learn how to put this vast amount of information to use for your business — we’re here to help.