Open Source Data Provider: Web Data Technology Partnerships to Fuel Data Innovation

BrightPlanet recently held an event that really made it clear to me how a true partnership between an open source data provider and a data technology company benefits both parties and fuels continued innovation. Find out why in this post.

Building Partnerships

As a member of the BrightPlanet team, my job is to build partnerships with cutting-edge companies that require unique and customized open source datasets to support their analytics engines and platforms. This has allowed our company to learn and get to know new thought leaders in the analytics and artificial intelligence sectors, as well as hone our tradecraft and capabilities. 

Our technology team continues to learn each day as they take on new projects with customized, unique nuances for each partner requirement. It is a dynamic working environment.

One day our technology team may be discussing with a partner how to curate content specific to extremism activities, while the next meeting with a different partner leads to discussion of cutting-edge brand protection programs and tracking fraud and non-compliance. Our technology team works on projects each day ranging from anti-fraud, to compliance, to life event monitoring – building customized content that cross geographies, multiple languages and multiple technologies.

Our Data Partnership Event

We recently flipped the business development model on its head when we hosted a full day partner seminar for a Tier 1 bank. The seminar demonstrated the relevant and cutting-edge capabilities of partners who provide solutions to this bank’s challenges. 

BrightPlanet is developing business leads for the partners who are on the front-line and responsible for revenue growth. We are NOT the typical supplier – we know that partner success is equated directly with our success – so we want to help our partners flourish.  Our goal is to continue building these types of ‘show & tell’ opportunities for partners across specific verticals where they operate. 

What were the outcomes from our first partner seminar? Well, to begin, all of our partners presented well. They have compelling, value-added solutions that directly meet challenges that customers have today. The bank was impressed with the presenters and our partners, resulting in further discussions on potential proof-of-concepts (POCs) with some of our partners. We also learned a great deal about where our partners have synergies amongst themselves and how the bank executives responded to the presentations. 

This is valuable to BrightPlanet as we can now ensure the right partners are engaged and brought to the table for the right ‘show & tells’ going forward. We refined our business development and partner engagement capabilities and the bank could meet and learn about new solutions that span geographies from Atlanta, to Ottawa, to Sioux Falls, to Boston – all in one room. The seminar resulted in huge value for the bank’s executive team, and was a great chance for our partners to meet.

The Partnership Future

Going forward, BrightPlanet will continue to develop partnerships with like-minded and savvy companies that need the best, customized open source content. We remain committed to staying on top of technologies and solutions in the marketplace, ensuring we bring the right partners to the table and support their respective business development goals. 

It is an exciting time to be at BrightPlanet. We are the best open source data partner – call us today and let’s discuss how our amazing team can provide Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) for your organization.