Tyson Johnson Session Speaker at ACFE Fraud Conference Canada

low res IMG_4381 copyOur own Tyson Johnson will be speaking at next week’s ACFE (Association of Certified Fraud Examiners) Fraud Conference Canada. The conference is taking place September 11-14 in Montreal, QC.

Tyson’s session is titled Building an Online Anti-Fraud Open Source Monitoring Program. In the session he’ll cover how fraud examiners are becoming more adept at using open sources to collect information post-fraud event and look up the specifics on an identified person or company of concern.

He’ll talk about what has yet to be leveraged and implemented are the types of open source monitoring programs that watch for indicators of fraud and alert the CFE to its presence. While fraud examiners have embraced such monitoring programs as an essential component of internal controls in most organizations, fraud examiners can join the industry first-movers in achieving the same level of monitoring on external, open source data.

The session will leverage case studies across many sectors and show new ways to think about open source monitoring for effective brand protection.

Not Attending the Conference?

We have several resources that talk about the use of open source data to combat fraud including case studies that cover anti-counterfeiting and fraud detection.


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