Patty Suedbeck: The Ins and Outs of Data Harvesting Accounting

Wearing many hats is nothing new to Patty Suedbeck. Patty refers to herself at the Accounting and Finance Director/Office Manager/Head of Human Resources at BrightPlanet.

And she is. As BrightPlanet’s accountant, Patty is in charge of all the financial responsibilities — and she takes great pride in her work.

Patty’s Path to Working with Open Source Intelligence Tools

Patty grew up in Slayton, Minnesota, a small farming community. After high school, Patty went on to college to earn her degree in accounting. After graduating, she began working with BrightPlanet as an independent contractor in charge of their finances. Although she began working as an independent contractor, she eventually jumped on board as a full-time employee. She’s been with BrightPlanet for over ten years.

Patty now lives just outside of Sioux Falls with her family, one of her biggest priorities. She loves to spend her spare time with them and, chances are, you’ll find her in their massive garden more often than not. She is also an avid reader and sports fan.

A Day in the Life of Patty Suedbeck: BrightPlanet Accountant

As an accountant at BrightPlanet, no two days are the same. Because BrightPlanet is a small company, their accounting needs are diverse.

Patty is accountable for operations (including timely and complete financial reports), maintenance of the system, budgeting, and forecasting. She also manages employee issues as part of her human resources duties.

As office manager, Patty tends to the offices, leases, and due diligence on insurance and employee matters.

New Clients of Dark Web Search Technologies

Patty not only works internally but externally with clients as well. She refers to herself as “keeper of the information.” She manages new client information such as obtaining and managing NDAs and legal documents.

In fact, Patty is usually one of the first people to contact new prospective clients due to legal documents. POCs, NDAs, contracts, project proposals — all of these documents ensure everyone has everything they need, that they are all up to speed, and all of the legal parameters are all taken care of.

These new clients hear regularly from Patty when she contacts them regarding billing and invoicing in addition to renewals, updating contracts, and making sure the lines of communication stay open.

The Best Part of BrightPlanet: The Talent. The People.

As much as Patty enjoys working with clients, she enjoys the smart and talented team at BrightPlanet even more. She notes that the talent at BrightPlanet is overwhelming. She’s been around the Deep Web data harvesting search industry for quite some time and she’s amazed by what she learns from her team, even when she’s primarily focused on the financial aspects of BrightPlanet’s business.

Watching employees take on each new project with eager and open minds amazes Patty, who gets to watch the implementation of new technologies that allow clients to find the resolutions they were searching for. She notes that it’s a very satisfying process to behold, and she’s happy to share her financial input when it’s needed along the way.

How BrightPlanet’s Size Plays to Its Advantage in the World of Dark Web Search

BrightPlanet has a small but very mighty team. Our small size along with our focus on teamwork and collaboration gives us the flexibility we need to meet our customers’ unique needs.

The accounting field has been using data for many, many years. Years and years ago, this data was on paper and was sorted through by hand. While it was cumbersome, the value was still there. Data is data — and it is gold.

The key to unlocking the potential within the data is imagination. How you decided to use that data will help you find the solutions you need. This applies to all types of data, but especially Deep and Dark Web data. This is where open source intelligence tools come into play.

The Future of Open Source Intelligence Tools

Where there is data, there is potential. All it takes is a little imagination and innovation — and open source intelligence tools.

Here at BrightPlanet, Patty and the rest of the team enjoy providing our clients with the data they need to find solutions to their problems.

Do you have a data problem? We’d love to help with any of your data questions and work with you to find the answers you need.