Deep Web Partner News Round-Up

BrighPlanet’s business partners have been active this summer, winning great awards and making impressive announcements. Here’s the latest Deep Web and data extraction news from our friends in BrightPlanet’s Partner News Round-Up. 

Newly Released

In April, we were excited to learn about Rosoka’s latest release and engine improvements with Rosoka Series 6. This release has since been integrated successfully for multiple clients.

Other news from Rosoka includes the newly released Rosoka Cloud API, which helps clients with their data extraction needs quickly and affordably.

And the Winner Is…

Optensity and Rosoka Software were chosen by Engility Holdings, Inc. as 2017 Innovative GEOINT Application Provider Program Grand Challenge winners.

Each year, application developers are challenged to create innovative solutions for the Department of Defence. Rosoka’s unique solutions displayed news sources geospatially complete with hundreds of sources, multiple news categories, and an interactive map. 

BrightPlanet also congratulates Chris Ganji, CEO of Amplyfi for being honored as one of the Top 35 Under 35 Professional Men in Wales.

Chris Ganjie and Mark Woods were both also named The Sunday Times 2017 Maserati 100 – the top 100 list of British disruptor entrepreneurs.

Earlier this year Amplyfi closed a £800,000 funding round, bringing their total funding secured to £1,200,000. They have recently moved to new offices in Cardiff, and have expanded from a team of four co-founders to a team of 18 currently. Chris is expecting to business to grow to around 40 in the next few years.

These are well-deserved honors for Chris and Mark that recognize all of their great work in launching Amplyfi, raising funds, and building an amazing team. BrightPlanet loves having entrepreneurial-spirited partners!


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At BrightPlanet, we love to share our discoveries regarding Deep Web data, but we also enjoy acknowledging our dedicated business partners.

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