Artificial Intelligence and Unstructured Data Mining: Data Trends to Watch in 2018

The world loves to make predictions about the coming year. BrightPlanet is no exception.

We recognize the power of data, and work to find new ways to harvest content from the Deep Web and Dark Web that can help businesses with their data goals. Here are four data trends we’ll be watching in 2018.

1. Growth in Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence systems (AI) have seen a resurgence in growth the past few years. One use for AI comes in the form of chatbots. These chatbots are those often annoying pop-ups that ask you vague questions. When you reply, their response (if you receive one at all) is usually unhelpful.  

While chatbots don’t have the best reputation, that may change for the better in 2018. No longer do chatbots just scan for keywords and pump unintelligible responses to complex questions, they really do understand what you are asking, and can quickly route you to where you need to go.

Chatbots are interesting, but they aren’t the only thing that’s affected by AI.

AI is going to make a huge impact in the intelligence community through the building of content models that can better detect valuable content versus background or secondary content.

BrightPlanet has seen these models work very well in a few of our projects, as they classify content based on how similar or dissimilar it is to a curated model. We believe that AI is ready to analyze all open source data in 2018, giving BrightPlanet clients the ability to see patterns and quality indicators within their data.

2. Expansion of Unstructured Data Mining

Predict Trends in the Financial Services Industry

BrightPlanet has seen major advancements in unstructured data mining in recent years, with more advancements to come within the industry in 2018.

BrightPlanet works closely with text analytics solutions company, Rosoka, which will see many updates in the coming year, including updates to their entity extraction system.

The key to processing quality web content relies entirely on the ability to extract and create meaningful metadata through the unstructured data mining process. As we see services like Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google invest more resources into artificial intelligence, the ability to process unstructured web content is also being improved.

One specific industry that we see adopting more unstructured content in 2018 is the banking and financial services industries, or Fintech as it is being referred to today.

Being able to predict trends in the economy using unstructured text analytics solutions can help businesses identify potential opportunities and risks within the financial services industry. To learn more about uncovering trends within the financial services industry (as well as the auto industry), watch our trends and influencers webinar, held in November, 2017.

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3. Improved Data Visualizations

Tableau, BrightPlanet’s default data visualization solution for the past three years, is making improvements to their data modeling, storage, and flexibility in data viewing in 2018. As these updates are implemented, it will be easier than ever to turn metadata into beautiful data visualizations with real meaning and intelligence.

Since unstructured data sets can have billions or tens-of-billions of data points, visualizing the data at scale has never been more important. Tableau recognizes the growing importance of having accurate data visualizations, and is adding an optimized cache to be built around these visuals.

Tableau, along with other data visualization options, are leveraging back-end REST APIs to properly prepare and organize data for optimal visualization. These tools will continue to improve and be a huge asset to all open source projects in 2018.

4. The Rise of the Chief Data Officer

We are optimistic that 2018 will be a strong year for organizations in all industries to seriously invest time and resources into their data analytics and data harvest processes.

With an increased emphasis on data, businesses will need to have people within their organization, such as a Chief Data Officer, whose primary job duty is to monitor and improve their data through analytics, collection, visualization, and open source content.

We welcome the well deserved recognition of future Chief Data Officers everywhere, and can’t wait to talk to them about how to best leverage open source web content for their business intelligence needs.

BrightPlanet: Your Answer to Data Harvest Questions in 2018 and Beyond

Data trends come and go, but one thing that won’t change in 2018 is BrightPlanet’s commitment to helping clients achieve their data harvest goals, no matter how simple or complex.

Looking to improve your data harvest process in 2018? Let BrightPlanet help. Schedule a free consultation with one of our Data Acquisition Engineers today!

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