AMPLYFI- Data and Beyond

Amplyfi is one of BrightPlanet’s Data-as-a-Service partners leveraging large-scale, open-source data from the Surface Web and Deep Web to build business intelligence for its clients. Our business and technology relationship has spanned years, and we are excited to see its market growth as a leader in artificial intelligence.

Amplyfi headquarters

NatWest Business Hub Article

On May 10, the NatWest Business Hub published a great story about Amplyfi’s growth, market success, dedication to entrepreneurship, and long-term vision. In an interview with Chris Ganje, Amplyfi co-founder and CEO, the piece deep dives into why Amplyfi is growing its business in Cardiff, the challenges of hiring the best talent while maintaining culture, and what Ganje’s vision is for the future.

Amplyfi continues its trajectory as a fast-moving startup, and BrightPlanet continues to expand our Data-as-a-Service offerings partnership. If you have not read the full article, check it out at:


BrightPlanet is the leader is providing deep Data-as-a-Service to our customers with open-source, web content through a simple-to-use service. Our customers do not need to worry about the complexities and details about harvesting, curating, and preparing data for analytics. Instead they can focus on what they do best — creating intelligence.

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