Final #Poltwt Results, Analysis and Interactive Visualizations!

The final results are in for the semi-annual #poltwt Tweet-a-Thon by LAwS Communications. In case you missed it, on Friday, June 27, individuals  were instructed to use the hashtag #poltwt to help create awareness about police work and issues while promoting how social media can be used in everyday policing. We harvested all the #poltwt data from Twitter as we have done before but stepped it up a notch and loaded the data into interactive visualizations throughout this blog post!

The semi-annual #poltwt Tweet-a-Thon was another success with over 15,000 tweets from over 1,000 unique users participating in the event. The content of tweets were highly diverse ranging from pictures of new puppies to reminders of how to stay safe. Pictures and humor were the king for engagement with end-users this year based off the two most popular tweets from the event (based on number of retweets and favorites).

We’ve crunched the numbers and data from Twitter using our BlueJay Twitter Crime Scanner. We then exported the data into Tableau Public to create visualizations to help you understand the conversation and perform your own analysis. All the following visualizations are interactive and can be clicked and provide more details when hovering over them. Let us know what additional findings/trends you see from doing your own analysis of the graphs at our Twitter handle, @brightplanet.

1. Most Vocal

The first category we analyzed is the Most Vocal Twitter users during #poltwt. The Westminster Police department was the Most Vocal this year for producing the most original tweets that mention #poltwt. View the full results below.


2. Most Vocal Individuals by Source

We’ve taken that same graph that you just saw and added an additional view, color coding by the device or app that was used to send the tweet. Hover over each different color to see who’s using what and how often!

3. Most Common Devices/Apps

Looking at the sources as a whole, we can make the assumption that iPhone’s have become increasingly popular within the law enforcement community. After iPhones, we saw that the traditional web interface through a web browser was the second most popular way to send tweets, followed by Android devices in third. Interestingly, it may be worth noting that this ranking has shifted from previous Tweet-a-Thon analysis.       


4. Most Popular

In addition to Most Vocal, we are also including the list for Most Popular. This includes people that are most mentioned with the unique tweets containing the #poltwt hashtag. Look around to see how popular you and your organization were. 

5. Most Shared Links

Next up are the Most Shared Links throughout the #poltwt. 

Hover over the different colored boxes to see  other links being shared.

6. Geo-Located Users

*Please note that all tweets analyzed include just the original Tweet and not additional retweet data.

Utilize Harvested Web Data for Law Enforcement

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