BrightPlanet Corporation is a strong adherent of the protection of privacy of the users and customers that visit its site. Specific policies of BrightPlanet Corporation with regard to these issues are:

  • BrightPlanet Corporation will not sell nor intentionally distribute any customer or user information supplied on any non-public area of this Web site to any unaffiliated third party, including, but not limited to: name; e-mail or other address; demographic information; or purchase or use history.
  • BrightPlanet Corporation will not send unsolicited e-mail (“spam”) to any customer who has requested not to receive e-mail, except for major product announcements deemed to be of broad, informative benefit. If these limited announcements are still deemed objectionable by recipients, the recipient may request to have its name stricken from all future announcements.
  • BrightPlanet Corporation will not use any user’s or customer’s name in connection with materials and other information submitted to BrightPlanet Corp.’s Web site in its advertising, marketing or promotional materials without the permission of that user or customer.
  • BrightPlanet Corporation commits, to the best of its ability, to respond to all customer and user requests within 24 business hours after first receipt of the request.
  • BrightPlanet Corporation does not discriminate with respect to users, customers, employees or other stakeholders on the basis of sex, religion, age, national origin, native language, sexual orientation, disabilities, or computer or Internet competence.
  • BrightPlanet Corporation reserves the right at any time to modify any of the foregoing policies without prior notice.