[Video] Deep Web Silo Services for Health Research

BrightPlanet’s Deep Web Silos are individual repositories for topic-specific content, and are updated with new and relevant information from the Deep Web Harvester in real-time. Each one is filled with high-quality Deep Web resources – databases, RSS feeds, and more – that lie beyond the reach of traditional search engines. They also include standard analytical tools like raw data views, topic clustering, and link analysis. Additional custom analytical modules can easily be added to meet your reporting needs.

The true value of our Silo Services, however, lies with our Deep Web Investigators. These are highly skilled content managers who will take the complexity out of your Deep Web research. Think of them as your personal guides to the Deep Web, discovering and harvesting the resources  that fill your Silo with relevant, timely content. Our Investigators will work hard to deliver the best results available, leaving you time to do what you do best: analyze and interpret the intelligence.

While the Deep Web Silos provide solutions in many industries, especially notable is the intelligence that healthcare researchers can gain from using the Deep Web Silo Services. With the Deep Web Silo Services, healthcare researchers communicate directly with deep web investigators to create a silo of topic specific information that meets their needs. BrightPlanet then completes set-up of the custom Deep Web Silo and gives the research team access to the web client interface that can be accessed through any web browser.

Watch the video below to watch just how health researchers can use the Deep Web Silo Services to simplify deep web research.