[WEBINAR] How to Harvest, Structure, and Visualize Big Data on the Web

The largest publicly available database in existence is sitting free to use for practically anyone. Consumers use the Internet and the data on it on a daily basis through individual searches, but many companies have failed to successfully exploit the true potential of the worlds largest database. We hope to help solve that problem in our upcoming webinar, How to Harvest Structure, and Visualize Big Data on the Web.

Why Big Data from the Web


The main reason companies have struggled to use Web data is the Internet is comprised of millions of disparate unique Web sources of unstructured data, making it incredibly difficult to find a way to collect the data at large scale. If the companies are able to collect the data, they then struggle to figure out a way to enrich the data to use in an analytic environment.

To show you how BrightPlanet and Rosoka are both harvesting and structuring Web data at scale for users, we bring you a free webinar, How to Harvest, Structure, and Visualize Big Data on the Web, on Wednesday, Sept. 10, at 1 p.m. CST.

Join BrightPlanets Data Acquisition Engineer Jamie Martin, and Rosoka Technologies CEO, Greg Roberts, as they take you through the process of harvesting data from the Web, structuring the data to use for analytics, and then using the enriched data in a third party visualization tool to create actionable dashboards and visualizations.



Photo: Fernando Amaro Caamano