WEBINAR: Harvest Data While Understanding Complex Trends and Their Influencers with AMPLYFI

Indices and tracking metrics are often the main inputs that help businesses harvest data, navigate Deep Web search and understand complex trends and make strategically important decisions. However, these limited and often unconnected measures do little to uncover the underlying influencers.

Join BrightPlanet as we hold our next webinar, Harvest Data While Understanding Complex Trends and Their Influencers with AMPLYFI on Wednesday, October 4, from 11:00 AM-12:00 PM CDT. Mark Woods from AMPLYFI will demonstrate how AMPLYFI works to uncover the underlying influencers of trends.

Go Beyond Traditional Indices and Tracking Methods with AMPLYFI

It is crucial to understand the underlying influencers of trends in order for business leaders to make efficient and effective decisions. Thankfully, AMPLYFI was created to use open source intelligence tools to advance techniques employed by the intelligence community for distilling signals from the internet. AMPLYFI works to apply these techniques to deliver intelligence on potential technology or market disruptions.

In this webinar, Mark Woods will demonstrate AMPLYFI’s flagship product, DataVoyant™ and its capability in the finance sector, focusing on a Consumer Price inflation (CPI) example.

During the webinar, you’ll learn what is important to CPI in a wider context, what trends and drivers should capture your focus, and how you can track or exploit specific opportunities and risks.


Deep Web Search and Artificial Intelligence

AMPLYFI works with BrightPlanet to disrupt established Business Intelligence and Professional Service channels by harnessing leading artificial intelligence (AI) to harvest and interpret the wealth of untapped open-source content within the internet.

DataVoyant™ is the world’s first AI-powered reporting tool to combine multi-lingual Surface and Deep Web search data harvesting with deep curation of unstructured Big Data.

This practical webinar will help fundamentally change your relationship with data and the internet. Even if you cannot attend the webinar, please register as we will send the webinar recording to all registrants.