Kalepa Adds BrightPlanet Data Feed to Data Solutions Marketplace

As a data scientist, locating quality data sets and solutions for specific topics can at times be a huge challenge. It is not always possible to build your own data sets or to hire someone like BrightPlanet to build a custom data feed for every project or idea.

Thankfully, a partnership between BrightPlanet and Kalepa has developed to help alleviate the challenges that come with building data sets.  

BrightPlanet recently became the latest data provider added to Kalepa’s Data Solution Marketplace. To begin, BrightPlanet is making our Global News Data Feed available to Kalepa users with additional data feeds being added in the coming months.

Providing access to over 9,000 news sources all around the world, our Global News Data Feed is instantly useful to Kalepa’s users — data scientists, product developers, and business executives who want to get the most out of their data. 

More Than Just a Repository

Kalepa is more than just a place to store data. They are connecting unique data solutions with firms in need of data for new applications and ideas, all in a single platform.

Launched in July and with over 150 data products available to date,  Kalepa’s interface is easy to navigate and helps contextualize data solutions — linking data to potential applications and connecting providers, ideas, and users.

The data solutions available range in topics from mobile location data to restaurant tracking, many with an initial free trial. If you’re not sure how to proceed, Kalepa will help connect you with the appropriate suppliers as well. Think of them as your data-sherpas.

Paul Monasterio, co-founder and CEO of Kalepa, has big plans to expand the platform and to build business connections between partners. With previous positions held at Facebook and Applied Predictive Technologies, Mr. Monasterio knows a thing or two about monetizing data assets and enabling executives to improve their businesses using cutting edge data. 

Kalepa is excited to partner with BrightPlanet in order to facilitate greater access to their rich news data solutions,” noted Mr. Monasterio.

He went on to say, “Kalepa is committed to bringing together the highest quality data solutions which can empower leading companies to navigate through the increasingly complex business challenges they face.”

What’s Next?

As BrightPlanet’s partnership expands with Kalepa, we are excited to better understand and identify their community needs in order to expand and build data feeds specific tailored for them. 

If you have Data-as-a-Service needs, you can locate us within the Kalepa platform or contact one of our Data Acquisition Engineers for one-on-one consultation.

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