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VIDEO: Accessing the Dark Web with TOR Search on an Ubuntu Virtual Machine

Over the past few months, BrightPlanet has created a series of how-to educational videos regarding the setup process and uses of different Dark Web burner boxes.

Having access to a virtual machine burner box allows you to work in the potentially unsafe areas of the Deep Web and Dark Web, while the original desktop and hard drive of your computer remain unharmed.

In BrightPlanet’s fifth and final video in its virtual burner box series, Will Bushee, BrightPlanet’s Vice President of Development, goes over the updating process of an Ubuntu virtual machine, and also describes how to use this burner box to take advantage of Dark Web search sources.

Use TOR Search to Access Dark Web Content

After you install the TOR browser on an Ubuntu virtual machine, it’s important to frequently update your browser and operating system to ensure that you have the latest security settings up to date, allowing you to safely participate in Dark Web search.

Once you’re ready to dig into Dark Web search, you need to know where to go within the Dark Web to find the content you want, as locating Dark Web content can be difficult to uncover since it is heavily anonymized.  

In the video, Will gives examples of indexed websites that list many of the most recent TOR websites that have been added to the Dark Web.

By using TOR search within your Ubuntu virtual machine, you can feel safe and confident navigating the Dark Web to obtain the content and data relevant for your business.

Learn more about navigating the Dark Web by watching our complete video series on virtual burner boxes, and discover how virtual machines can help you harvest the data you need and want to make smart and strategic business decisions.


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