Monitor the Future with Open Source Intelligence Tools Using Example Data from the Auto Industry

In recent years, BrightPlanet has worked with AMPLYFI to harness leading Artificial Intelligence (AI) through web harvest activities that interpret the wealth of untapped open source content within the Internet.

On October 4, 2017, BrightPlanet’s Vice President of Development, Will Bushee, and Mark Woods, CTO of AMPLYFI, held a webinar to demonstrate how AMPLYFI’s leading AI tool, DataVoyant™ , is helping businesses make new and insightful discoveries into their harvested data.

In the webinar, Mark walks through three situations that showcase DataVoyant™’s capability of uncovering trends and influencers in data samples. The first two situations dealt with DataVoyant™’s ability to uncover trends in the financial industry. This blog post will recap the third situation discussed by Mark, which features a manufacturing example from the luxury SUV industry.

Keep reading to learn how AMPLYFI’s use of open source intelligence tools and DataVoyant™ technology are able to harvest data and use historical correlation to look forward to the next big change, and more importantly, how people will respond to these new opportunities and risks.


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Predict Trends in the Luxury SUV World with Open Source Intelligence Tools

In the webinar, Mark goes over different examples from the luxury SUV world to demonstrate DataVoyant™’s ability to predict future trends.

Drivetrain Web Harvest Example

Mark begins the luxury SUV portion of the webinar by walking through an example regarding drivetrain trends of luxury SUVs. DataVoyant™ looks at a particular theme around the drivetrain of an SUV, which is the group of components that deliver power to the driving wheels, by focusing on the historic data regarding this topic.

Through open source intelligence tools and machine learning, DataVoyant™ looked at the topic of hydrogen systems, which was an important factor relating to drivetrain in the early 2000s.

Since the machine understands the significance and connection with other topics, trends, and influence of interest, it allows those in the luxury SUV industry to look forward and make a projection about future drivetrain trends.

The graph below displays the projected timeline of changes to drivetrain in luxury SUVs, showing a significant peek around the year 2030.

Electronics Web Harvest Example

Electronic features is an important factor that many luxury SUV shoppers consider while shopping for a new vehicle. Through data harvest technologies and DataVoyant™, AMPLYFI is able to predict which specific technology features will be important to luxury SUV shoppers in the coming years.

Through the web data analysis of consumer reviews and other factors, mirror display technology, infomatics, device control display, telematics, and vehicle sensor system are five electronic vehicle features expected to gain momentum in the coming years.

In the graph below, DataVoyant™ uses its momentum landscape to predict which technology areas will attract the most attention by luxury SUV shoppers in the next 10 years. By studying the graph, we can see an increased interest in device control display in the next 3 years is anticipated.

This type of data harvest knowledge gives luxury SUV manufacturers the ability to know which areas of vehicle technology they should work on developing in order to meet anticipated customer needs.

Harvest Data and Monitor the Future with Open Source Intelligence Tools and DataVoyant™

AMPLYFI’s DataVoyant™ tool and BrightPlanet’s web harvest technologies are beneficial to those in the auto industry and beyond.

If you’re ready to take your data to the next level and predict influencers and trends in your specific industry, schedule a consultation with one of BrightPlanet’s Data Acquisition Engineers.

Our partnership with AMPLYFI, along with our web harvest technologies and open source intelligence tools allow us to harvest data relevant to you and your business.

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